Hokuriku’s Snowfall Forecast for Upcoming Winter, “Average Levels”

Hokuriku’s Snowfall Forecast for Upcoming Winter, “Average Levels”

2020-2021 Season, Meteorological Office’s Three-Month Forecast

On November 25th, the Niigata Local Meteorological Office released its three-month forecast, for December 2020 to February 2021, for the Hokuriku region, with snowfall and temperatures predicted to be “roughly at the yearly average levels”. A Fukui Local Meteorological Office associate cautioned, “We predict the cold atmosphere to enter the region from the latter half of December. Please carefully check the monthly and weekly weather forecasts.”

This winter, due to the influence of La Nina, the prevailing westerlies meander southbound while approaching the vicinity of Japan. Heavy snowfall will depend of whether or not the JPCZ (Japan sea Polar air mass Convergence Zone) takes form. The cold stream flowing from the Siberian region will split in two as it hits the mountain range within the Korean peninsula. The wind streams will then reconverge over the Japan Sea, into the JPCZ, creating snow-laden clouds in succession, leading to the plains near shorelines getting an increased level of snowfall, as characteristic with this phenomenon.

Within Fukui Prefecture, the average snowfall for each month are as follows:

[Fukui City]
December: 42 centimeters
January: 124 centimeters
February: 91 centimeters

[Tsuruga City]
December: 32 centimeters
January: 95 centimeters
February: 70 centimeters

A meteorological office associate expressed, “With the current forecast, it is difficult to consider that we will experience a winter as warm as last winter. We hope for everyone to take proper measures to prepare for the snowfall.”

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Heavy Rain Warning Lifted for Tsuruga and Obama Cities

Heavy Rain Warning Lifted for Tsuruga and Obama Cities

June 13th, Low Altitude Areas On Alert

At 11:06 a.m., the Fukui Local Meteorological Office announced that the heavy rain warning for Fukui Prefecture’s Tsuruga City and Obama City was lifted.

On June 13th, at 8:21 a.m., the Fukui Local Meteorological Office released a heavy rain warning for Tsuruga and Obama cities in Fukui Prefecture. Until the early afternoon of the same day, low altitude areas were required to be on alert.

According to the meteorological office, due to the seasonal rain front lagging close to the Honshu region, Fukui Prefecture will see a mix of rain and clouds during the 13th, possibly influenced by the humid air; by the evening, some areas may experience heavy rain accompanied with lightning.

On June 14th, it is forecast that the seasonal rain front will travel north along the Japan Sea and, influenced by the warm and humid air, possibly result in an unstable atmosphere. Thus, Fukui Prefecture will see rainfall accompanied with lightning from before noon, with severe rainfall in some areas within the Reihoku region.

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Like a Summer Day in Every Part of Fukui Prefecture, Obama at 26.8⁰C

Like a Summer Day in Every Part of Fukui Prefecture, Obama at 26.8⁰C

Nine Sites Measure the Year’s Record High

On April 30th, a high-pressure system was cast over Fukui Prefecture, causing the temperature to rise. Up until 3:00 p.m., with temperature highs at 26.8⁰C in Obama City, and 26.0⁰C in Tsuruga City, six observation sites recorded temperatures above 25.0⁰C.

Up to 3:00 p.m. on April 30th, excluding Sakai City-Mikuni, nine observations sites within the prefecture saw its record high for the current year. After Obama and Tsuruga, other sites that saw summer-like temperatures were Fukui City at 25.6⁰C, Katsuyama City at 25.0⁰C, Ono City at 25.5⁰C, and Minamiechizen Town-Imajo at 25.6⁰C. Sakai City-Harue was at 23.7⁰C, Fukui City-Koshino was at 22.9⁰C, Mihama Town was at 23.1⁰C, and Sakai City-Mikuni was at 21.8⁰C, with each site becoming as warm as it would be during late May or early June.

According to the Fukui Local Meteorological Office (on April 30th, 11:00 a.m.), the forecast for May 1st is clear weather with clouds in the morning and evening for the Reihoku area, and clear weather for the Reinan area. The temperature high is expected to reach between 25⁰C and 26⁰C, continuing this early summer weather.

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Snowfall at Fukui Prefecture’s Okuetsu, Snow Plow Truck Dispatched

Snowfall at Fukui Prefecture’s Okuetsu, Snow Plow Truck Dispatched

Weather Forecast for this Weekend, A Short Period of Snow

On December 6th, the winter pressure pattern has grown stronger, resulting in snowfall in Okuetsu, located within Fukui Prefecture. For the first time this winter, a snow plow truck has been dispatched to work on National Route 157, within Katsuyama City’s Kitadani-cho.

According to the Okuetsu Prefectural Civil Engineering Office, snowfall began from the evening of December 5th, at around 10:00 p.m., near Kitadani-cho. By 3:00 a.m. on the 6th, the snowfall was measured at the regulated snow removal mark of 10 centimetres on Route 157. One snow plow truck was dispatched from its base, located within Kitadani-cho’s Kitarokuroshi, and proceeded with snow removal for approximately 5 kilometres near the border along Ishikawa Prefecture.

The initial dispatch of snow plow trucks for this winter has been 7 days later than the previous 10-year average (November 29th), and 3 days earlier than last year (December 9th).

The temperature lows within Fukui Prefecture on December 6th were 1.3˚C in Katsuyama City, 1.9˚C in Ono City, 3.2˚C in Fukui City, and 4.8˚C in Tsuruga City.

According to this weekend’s weather forecast by the Fukui Local Meteorological Office, Fukui Prefecture will be cloudy with some rain on the 7th, and cloudy with a chance of rain or snow on the 8th. The temperature low for December 7th is expected to be 2˚C, and 4˚C for December 8th.

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