Student-Made, Nanjo Service Area’s New Menu

Student-Made, Nanjo Service Area’s New Menu

4 Specialty Items by Okuetsumeisei High School Students

   Students part of the social welfare and livelihood course at Okuetsumeisei High School, located in Fukui Prefecture’s Ono City, devised and produced a menu for the food court of the Hokuriku Expressway-Nanjo Service Area (SA). As characteristic of Hangesho (the 11th day after the summer solstice; the last rice-planting day), Mackerel Tatsu-age, an Ono City favourite, will be featured in the four menu items, such as in the “Mackerel Tatsuta Oroshi Soba”. On October 28, the SA held a food sampling event, where the students tested the flavours.

  The menu is comprised of Mackerel Tatsuta Oroshi Soba (¥880), Rich Shio Koji Ramen with a blend of Echizen salt and shio koji (¥800), Okuetsu Special Bento with Namban-style Mackerel Tatsuta-age & Fukui Plum Harusame Salad (¥1,280), and a Sweet Vinegar-coated Mackerel Tatsuta-age Set (¥980). The Mackerel Tatsuta Oroshi Soba and Rich Shio Koji Ramen will be available in the Shiga/Fukui-bound section of the SA, while the Okuetsu Special Bento and Mackerel Tatsuta-age Set will be available in the Niigata/Gifu-bound section of the SA. All foods will be on sale from November 11.

Featured in last year’s menu, the NebaToro Mackerel Katsudon received enough praise to turn it into a regular menu item. This year, 19 third-year high school students started planning from April, and came up with about 50 recipes, 4 of which were chosen by the SA.

At the food sampling event, 18 students tasted the Mackerel Tatsuta Oroshi Soba and the Rich Shio Koji Ramen. The students savoured the flavours, making comments like, “The deep-fried mackerel is crunchy” and “The soup has a rich flavour”. A female student (aged 18), who was part of the group in charge of the Oroshi Soba, explained, “We placed importance in using ingredients that are good for your health.”

The new menu items will be on sale until the end of December.