Mizu Yokan Burger, An Original Fukui Specialty

Mizu Yokan Burger, An Original Fukui Specialty

Michi-no-Eki [Nishiyama Park], Habutae Mochi Topping Also Available

At Michi-no-Eki Nishiyama Park (located within Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City), the “Mizu Yokan Burger”, a winter specialty of Fukui using mizu yokan (a Japanese red bean jelly), has gone on sale for a limited time. Presented with a generous amount of whipped cream, the burger has a splendid appearance, while offering a mild sweetness. The extraordinary combination of ingredients continues to gain popularity.

The Michi-no-Eki developed the burger to give visitors from outside the prefecture another way to learn about Fukui’s specialties. The toasted buns are spread with butter, and has mizu yokan, kinako (roasted soybean flour), and whipped cream sandwiched in between. The round-shaped mizu yokan used are provided by a confectionery shop within Sabae City, specially ordered to be used to fit burger buns; it has a lighter sweetness from using less brown sugar, to pair well with whipped cream. The kinako provides an extra accent to complete the Mizu Yokan Burger.

There is also a “Mizu Yokan Habutae Mochi Burger”, which has four to five bite-size pieces of habutae mochi (sweet Japanese rice cakes with a soft and silky texture) in between the mizu yokan and buns, adding a springy texture.

Manager Tsuromu Ito expressed, “Definitely come and try this snack-inspired burger!” The Mizu Yokan Burger is available for ¥300, with the Mizu Yokan Habutae Mochi Burger at ¥400 (tax included). These items are planned to be on sale until the end of February.

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A Burger of Mizu-Yokan and Habutae Mochi

A Burger of Mizu-Yokan and Habutae Mochi

A Collaboration Between Fukui’s Winter Flavour and Famous Sweet

In Nishiyama Park’s Michi-no-Eki located in Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City, a popular winter item has returned to the menu for this season: the “Mizu-Yokan Burger”. A new variation is the Mizu-Yokan Burger combined with Habutae Mochi; visitors can enjoy the famous sweet, representing the local area, in this collaboration.

Mizu-yokan is associated as a winter flavour of Fukui. In efforts to gain further recognition from tourists outside the prefecture, and for mizu-yokan to be known as a Fukui brand, the Michi-no-Eki developed the Mizu-Yokan Burger four years ago, but taking mizu-yokan and putting it in between a toasted bun. Every year when the winter menu items go on sale and continue to gain popularity, in place of the Michi-no-Eki’s already popular “Yoshikawa Eggplant Burger” which is swapped out during November.

The simple recipe begins with margarine spread within two halves of a toasted bun, then mizu-yokan and kinako (roasted soybean flour), along with whipped cream is placed between the buns. Supplied by “Seiundou” (清雲堂, a confectioner within Sabae City’s Fukae-cho), the mizu-yokan’s mild sweetness goes very well with the buns. With the new menu item including Habutae Mochi, visitors can also enjoy an added springy texture with their burger. A coffee-flavoured Mizu-Yokan Burger is also on sale.

“It would be great if everyone can take a liking to the burger, leading to more sales of mizu-yokan and Habutae Mochi as souvenirs,” expressed the Michi-no-Eki’s manager, Tsutomu Ito.

The Mizu-Yokan Burger and its coffee-flavoured version is ¥300; the burger including Habutae Mochi is ¥350, both priced including tax.

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