Fukui Prefecture Governor Propose to Receive Ishikawa Prefecture Emergency Care Patients

Fukui Prefecture Governor Propose to Receive Ishikawa Prefecture Emergency Care Patients

Phone Conversation Between Fukui Prefecture and Ishikawa Prefecture Governors, In Case COVID-19 Situation Worsens Within Ishikawa

On May 11th, Fukui Prefecture Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto had a phone conversation with Ishikawa Prefecture Governor Masanori Tanimoto, regarding the recent spike in COVID-19 cases within Ishikawa Prefecture. In a situation where emergency medical care becomes difficult to manage, Governor Sugimoto expressed the idea of taking in emergency medical patients from Ishikawa Prefecture to be treated at the Fukui Prefectural Hospital.

On May 10th, Ishikawa Prefecture reported its record daily high of 50 new COVID-19 infections. On the same day, resources were further strained with hospital beds designated for COVID-19 patients reaching 81.5% occupancy. During April, the prefecture increased the amount of hospital beds for COVID-19 patients by 100, expressing it has affected general medical care.

According to Fukui Prefecture, Governor Tanimoto requested on the phone, “We are currently holding our ground. But in case the situation worsens, we wish for your assistance”. Responding to this, Governor Sugimoto offered support by taking in emergency medical patients.

According to the Fukui Prefecture Regional Medical Department, patients from Ishikawa Prefecture will be transported via ambulance. In the case where the patient is diagnosed with COVID-19, first taking in consideration the hospital bed occupancy within the prefecture and the patient’s symptoms, Fukui Prefecture will provide medical care to the best of its capacity.

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Prefectural Governor’s Reason for Not Wearing a Mask, After Two Months

Prefectural Governor’s Reason for Not Wearing a Mask, After Two Months

Fukui Prefectural Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto, Regarding Prefectural Residents’ Use of Masks

In a regularly scheduled press conference on June 11th, while maintaining distance from the press gallery, Fukui Prefectural Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto was in attendance without wearing a mask. The governor explained, “This is the period where the first wave of (the novel coronavirus [COVID-19] infection) has ended, and the reopening of the economy has begun. I had thought that, to understand my mental process and through my facial expressions, this is something I wish to convey to everyone.”

Since April, during the press conferences where COVID-19 cases were reviewed, Prefectural Governor Sugimoto had worn a mask.

On June 11th, addressing the prefectural residents regarding the use of masks, the governor stressed, “We must avoid situations where infections are contracted via respiratory droplets”. At the same time, it was indicated that as long as a “social distance” of two metres is maintained, taking off one’s mask poses no problems.

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Fukui Prefectural Governor, Extend School Closures “For the Time Being”

Fukui Prefectural Governor, Extend School Closures “For the Time Being”

Announcement for Prefectural Schools, Request for Elementary and Junior High School

On April 28th, Fukui Prefectural Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto made an announcement regarding the planned reopening of schools after Golden Week, from May 7th, stating, “for the time being, the school closures are to be extended.” The announcement was made in an emergency press conference regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. The request, to continue school closures for elementary and junior high schools, was also made towards the Boards of Education across the prefecture’s municipalities. The length of time for the extension has not been established, but an announcement will be made at least one week before a proposed school reopening.

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