“Dinosaur Santa” Plays Rugby

“Dinosaur Santa” Plays Rugby

At the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, Costumed Model Dinosaurs

On November 29th, at the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, a full-size model of the Fukuisaurus appears on exhibit, dressed as Santa Claus. As an homage to the exciting 2019 Rugby World Cup, which was hosted in Japan, the Fukuisaurus is holding what appears to be a rugby ball, and ready to make a pass. Although a bit early, it has been dressed up for a Christmas feel.

This has been a yearly project since 2012. The full length of the Fukuisaurus is 4.7 meters, and at 2.3 meters in height. Donning a red hat and cape, as well as a white beard, it has transformed into a “Dinosaur Santa”. During the excitement of the Rugby World Cup, the museum created its own rugby team called “Dinosaurs”. The museum featured a scene where a player is making an “offload pass” while being tackled.

On the 29th, 13 kindergarteners, invited from the local Minami Kodomo-En, attended the unveiling of the model dinosaur and the decorated Christmas tree. When everything was lit up, the children exclaimed things like “Cool!” and “It’s so pretty!” in delight. There was also a dance and music performance. The exhibit will be until December 24. During this period, the museum shop and restaurant will feature items and menus with a Christmas theme.

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