Fukui’s Winter: Smooth Mizu-Yokan

Fukui’s Winter: Smooth Mizu-Yokan

An Elegant Sweetness, Confectioners Begin Production

Mizu-Yokan Burger”: mizu-yokan, topped with whipped cream, between a toasted bun.

Characterized by its smooth texture and elegant sweetness, “mizu-yokan” is the seasonal flavour of winter. Confectionery stores within Fukui Prefecture have begun production, filling the workshops with a sweet aroma.

“Egawa”, which was founded 82 years ago (located in Fukui City, Terute, 3-Chome), began production in November. In a large pot, agar (a vegetable gelatin) is dissolved, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and adzuki beans are added, and boiled into a syrup. It is then transferred into a tub, where the solution is constantly stirred, while electric fans cool the mixture down to 45°C. From a special machine, the mixture is poured into containers, where it further cools and solidifies into its completed form.

Shigetaka Egawa (aged 52), the Egawa company president, expresses his thoughts, “Continuing from previous generations, we also intend to adapt to the future generations. We also wish for those outside the prefecture to experience this flavour!”

Production will continue until the end of March, with peak production happening during the year’s end, where more than ten thousand boxes will be made in one day.

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