Fukui Prefectural Governor, Endorsing School Trips Within the Prefecture

Fukui Prefectural Governor, Endorsing School Trips Within the Prefecture

Considering the Spread of COVID-19 at the Destination

In the midst of the anxiety concerning the second wave of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, Fukui Prefectural Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto addressed the topic of having school trips by elementary, junior high, and senior high schools within the prefecture in a prefectural general interpellation, “Rather than cancelling school trips, I would like to endorse having it within the prefecture,” looking for destinations within the prefecture to be added as an option for school trips.

According to the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education, in a regular year, school trips outside the prefecture are carried out during spring or autumn for elementary schools, during May or June for junior high schools, and anytime between June and December for senior high schools. Due to the spread of COVID-19, school trips scheduled during spring of this year have been postponed to take place from autumn.

Prefectural Governor Sugimoto stressed, “The school trip is a major event, leaving students with some of their best memories. I believe that, while protecting the safety of the children, I wish for school trips to go forward and carried out.” Sugimoto continued by stating that the prefectural and every municipal education board, while maintaining clear standards, will create a system where each school can consult with its respective education board, and the “desire to endorse school trips to be held within the prefecture, if the original plan seems impossible (due to the spread of COVID-19 at the destination).”

Meanwhile, regarding a substitute tournament, in response to the suspended prefectural tournaments for junior high school sports clubs, Fukui Prefectural Board of Education Superintendent Kinichi Toyokita responded, “Based on the judgement by each district and municipalities’ sports association and school principals, a course towards an inter-league tournament is under review.” As for track-and-field and swimming, which normally does not hold regional preliminaries, a prefectural tournament is being planned by sports organizations.

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“School Trips to Kyoto”, A Letter to Municipalities Across Japan

“School Trips to Kyoto”, A Letter to Municipalities Across Japan

Kyoto City Experiencing Dramatic Decrease Due to COVID-19

It was disclosed that on June 11, Kyoto Prefecture’s Kyoto City sent a letter of request to the Superintendent of Education and leaders of 186 municipalities across the country, including prefectures and government ordinance cities, regarding the welcoming of school trips within the city from autumn, after the city experienced a dramatic decrease of school excursions due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection; included in the letter was a statement, “Upon implementing thorough infection countermeasures, Kyoto City is earnestly awaiting your consideration.”

Every year, Kyoto City is visited by roughly one million students through school trips; however, due to COVID-19, almost all trips from February of this year have either been postponed or suspended. A Kyoto City associate expressed, “We hope that our notification towards the municipalities, regarding Kyoto City’s thorough infection countermeasures can be used as a factor towards their decision-making process.”

Explained within the letter are provisions in a situation where visiting elementary, junior high, or senior high schools students display symptoms, such as a fever, that may raise suspicions of an infection; this includes the establishment of a 24-hour phone consulting service, and places designated for persons to stand by until infection test results are verified.

“We have made arrangements to protect the health of the students during their school trip, and establish peace of mind, as they learn about the history and culture of Japan,” stated in the letter.

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School Trips Postponed due to Novel Coronavirus

School Trips Postponed due to Novel Coronavirus

Four School Including Koshi Junior High School, In Response to Increasing Infection

On February 21st, in response to the increasing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, four schools, Koshi Junior High School, Fukui University-affiliated Compulsory Education School, Obama Junior High School, and Takahama Junior High School, have decided to postpone their respective school trips, which were scheduled within March. Other elementary, junior high, and senior high schools are currently taking in consideration on whether or not to proceed with plans they have set in, and after, April.

For Koshi Junior High School, the plan was for about 90 second-year students to visit the University of Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland; there would then be a presentation on the results of their trip, as if to invite other Fukui-born residents to explore beyond the prefecture, and on about what they have learned.

“We considered the merits, as well as the risks, of going on this trip,” said school principal Mitsuhiro Yamakawa, in response to an appeal, made by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, to carefully reconsider the necessity of holding events, in light of the continued increase of infections within the Greater Tokyo Area. The students and guardians were informed of the postponement on February 21st. For how long the trip will be postponed is still undecided.

At the Fukui University-affiliated Compulsory Education School, 103 eighth-year students (equivalent to second-year in junior high school) had planned to visit Tokyo, Yokohama, and Chiba during March 16th to 18th. It is planned for the school trip to be postponed until mid-May; however, depending on the situation of the infection, there is also a possibility for the trip to be pushed as far as the autumn season.

As for Obama Junior High School, their school trip was originally set from March 4th to 6th, while Takahama Junior High School’s trip was set for March 10th to 12th.

According to the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education, along with the four above mentioned schools, there are three other junior high school within the prefecture whose school trips are still scheduled between February 21st and the end of March.

In addition, an international exchange program that plans to sent 27 second-year students, gathered from across five different junior high schools in Sakai City, to Wales in England from March 11th is currently in discussions on whether to continue with the program.

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