What to Give? It’s Almost White Day

What to Give? It’s Almost White Day

The Production Peak of Confectionery Shops in Fukui

There is very little time left before White Day on March 14th, where Valentine’s Day gifts are returned. In a confectionery shop within Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City, the production of cute heart-shaped sweets is reaching its production peak. Enveloped in the sweet aroma, male customers have been closely evaluating the products.

At “HanaEchizen” (in Fukui City, Ninomiya, 3-Chome), there are eight kinds of sweets on display. The most popular is a heart-shaped baumkuchen. Dried rose petals are studded within the strawberry-flavoured dough, and then coated with white chocolate. A rectangular baumkuchen is also available, with nuts and cranberries, it has a sweet and sour flavour, using a lot of ruby chocolate.

“It would be great if a couple’s relationship can deepen with the sweets,” said the male shop owner (aged 62).

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1046610