Fukui Prefecture, Lifting All COVID-19 Alerts on October 14th

Fukui Prefecture, Lifting All COVID-19 Alerts on October 14th

Bypassing an “Emergency Warning” Status and Into Non-emergency Status

On October 11th, in a special news conference, Fukui Prefecture Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto announced that Fukui Prefecture will lift its prefecture-exclusive “Infection Emergency Alert” on the 14th, in response to the recent decrease of new COVID-19 infections within the prefecture. Without shifting into a lower “Emergency Warning” status, the prefecture will be lifting all alerts. Since March 30th, Fukui Prefecture has been under a constant “Emergency Alert” or “Emergency Warning” status.

Starting Date of Status Status Title
February 28th~Non-emergency state
March 30th~Emergency Warning (↑)
April 3rd~Emergency Alert(↑)
April 16th~ Critical Emergency Alert(↑)
April 22nd~State of Emergency(↑)
May 14th~ Critical Emergency Alert(↓)
May 21st~Emergency Alert(↓)
June 4th~Emergency Warning(↓)
June 20th~Emergency Alert(↑)
June 24th~State of Emergency(↑)
July 9th~ Critical Emergency Alert(↓)
July 22nd~Emergency Alert(↓)
August 3rd~ Critical Emergency Alert(↑)
August 6th~State of Emergency(↑)
September 13th~ Critical Emergency Alert(↓)
October 1st~Emergency Alert(↓)
October 15th~Non-emergency state(↓)
(↑)increase in alert status;(↓)decrease in alert status

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1414824

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