17 New COVID-19 Infections in Fukui, 6 Connected to Food Service Establishments

17 New COVID-19 Infections in Fukui, 6 Connected to Food Service Establishments

June 30th COVID-19 Report

On June 30th, Fukui Prefecture reported 17 new COVID-19 infections, of men and women with ages ranging between the 10s and 70s. 9 are from Fukui City, 5 from Sakai City, 1 from Awara City, 1 from Tsuruga City, and 1 from Obama City. Among the 17 cases, 12 are connected with those who have already been confirmed with COVID-19.

6 among the 17 new cases are connected to food service establishments concentrated within central Fukui City, bringing the total to 172. Of the total 172 cases, 115 were primary close contacts of employees or clients of an establishment. The number of concerned establishments have increased to 31, with 7 connected to a cluster.

Among the 1,155 shops within the “Specified Infection Countermeasure Area” (Fukui City, Junka 1-Chome & 2-Chome, Chuo 1-Chome through 3-Chome, Ote 1-Chome through 3-Chome), as designated by Fukui Prefecture, employees from 856 establishments have undergone PCR tests, 74% of the total shops within the area. Among the 3,109 people tested, 181 were positive for COVID-19, a rate of 5.8%.

As of this day, Fukui Prefecture has a cumulative total of 1,288 COVID-19 cases.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1347893

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