Fukui City, COVID-19 Vaccinations For Those Without Underlying Conditions

Fukui City, COVID-19 Vaccinations For Those Without Underlying Conditions

For Under 60 Years Old, Vaccination Coupons to Distribute from End of July

On June 15th, Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City disclosed plans to begin distributing COVID-19 vaccination coupons from the end of July, to those 59 years old and younger, and with no underlying conditions. With distribution looking to be carried out in stages, further details will be considered based on factors including how well the supply of vaccines can be maintained.

In a Fukui City general interpellation diet held on the same day, the director responded to an inquiry posed by Keiichi Sugo of the Komeito party.

Regarding the distribution period, the director stated, “For those 65 and older, we distributed coupons to roughly 20,000 people at a time, progressing through each age group every other week. We are looking to use this method as a basis for distribution.”

Within Fukui City, following vaccinations for the elderly, priority will be given to those aged 60 to 64, aged 12 to 59 with underlying conditions, and those working at nursing home facilities. The deadline to respond to the questionnaire regarding underlying conditions is June 21st.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1339247

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