Fukui Prefecture, 4 New COVID-19 Infections

Fukui Prefecture, 4 New COVID-19 Infections

May 24th Report

On May 24th, Fukui Prefecture reported 4 new COVID-19 infections, bringing its cumulative total to 1,025. As of this day, there are 49 active cases within the prefecture.
Brief details of the 4 cases are as follow.

The Osaka Prefecture unemployed female (30s, #1) is being treated outside Fukui Prefecture.

The Awara City self-employed male (40s, #3) is a close contact of an Awara City female (70s) whose COVID-19 infection was reported on May 19th.

The Obama City unemployed female (80s, #4) is connected to a COVID-19 cluster at a nursing home, which was reported on May 15th.

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