Studying the COVID-19 Vaccine’s Side Effects and Key Points

Studying the COVID-19 Vaccine’s Side Effects and Key Points

Fukui Prefecture, Practical Training Before Vaccination of General Public

From the week of April 12th, COVID-19 vaccinations will commence for the general public, starting with the elderly. Leading up to that week, Fukui Prefecture hosted a practical training workshop for registered and practical nurses within the Reihoku region, held at the Fukui Nursing Association assembly hall on March 21st, in cooperation with the Fukui Medical Association and the Fukui Nursing Association. The workshop went over important points regarding vaccinations, such as the uncommonly used method of intramuscular injection, and potential side effects to look out for post-inoculation.

Vaccinations are currently being administered among health care providers within Fukui Prefecture. From the week of April 12th, across all 17 municipalities within the prefecture, vaccinations will begin for those residing within elderly care facilities and its staff. Practical training workshops will be held within the Reihoku and Reinan areas. Workshops were held three times through the morning and afternoon in the Reihoku venue, with approximately 500 participants from roughly 270 medical institutions, who will be involved in administering the COVID-19 vaccinations.

The participants were divided into groups, and learned through various videos, such as on the process of defrosting the vaccine and diluting it with saline, and information on side effects. Following the videos were some hands-on training exercises, including to practice careful handling of the vaccine, as to not produce bubbles when it is being diluted. The participants were also given advice with the aid of a model arm, to “keep the syringe vertical, and not to massage the arm after inoculation”, during the intramuscular injection training session.

A female head nurse (aged 47) employed within Fukui City commented, “There is also normally much anxiety when it comes to hypodermic injections, so it was good to learn about the important points regarding intramuscular injection.”

The Reinan region practical training workshop will be held on March 28th, at the Tsuruga City General Welfare Center, with approximately 160 participants expected to attend.


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