Fukui Takes #1 Spot In National Soba Ranking

Fukui Takes #1 Spot In National Soba Ranking

“Netorabo” Survey, Yamagata Prefecture Ranked #2

Soba noodles in Fukui Prefecture receives high praise from its fans and ranks high across online surveys. A survey by “Netorabo”, a media website, during February collected votes on which prefecture in Japan had delicious soba noodles; Fukui Prefecture took the top rank, collecting over 40% of almost twenty thousand total votes. In an attempt to take advantage of the high praise, the prefecture will put even more effort into increasing the brand awareness and recognition of its soba noodles.

Netorabo conducted the online survey between February 7th and the 20th. There was a total of 19,056 votes, of which Fukui Prefecture received 7,932. Yamagata Prefecture, famous for its “Ita soba”, took 2nd place with 5,507 votes, while Nagano Prefecture, with its “Shinshuu soba”, took 3rd place with 1,509 votes.

In response to Fukui taking the top spot, a representative from the prefecture’s Fukui Rice Planning Department, who are in charge of public relations regarding soba, provided an analysis on the high level of support the prefecture received: “It was primarily because of Fukui Prefecture’s residents that helped spread awareness of the online survey through social media sites, in turn, promoting the flour milling manufacturers within the prefecture. I think many votes were submitted after seeing the shared information. After all, there are many people within the prefecture who already like Fukui’s soba to begin with.”

The comment section showed a lot of support for Fukui Prefecture, with comments such as, “Echizen Oroshi Soba is really delicious”, and “I’ve grown to appreciate the soba, after learning about things like how the local ingredients are cultivated”.

In the previous year’s “Delicious Soba Production Area Award 2020”, hosted by Nihon Soba Conservation Committee and judged by “Soba appraisers”, Fukui Prefecture took 1st place. The local ingredients bearing exceptional flavour and aroma are cultivated in various areas within the prefecture, and are highly valued.

Taking the great evaluations into account, Fukui Prefecture positions itself to put its resources into its public relations department. There are plans to create posters and banners touting Fukui’s top spot among the national soba ranking, an to have it posted across tourist attractions, stations, and soba shops within the prefecture. Along with the “Fukui Soba Online” website, published from last autumn, Fukui is aiming to establish its image as the “Soba Specialty Spot”.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1274817

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