Preparations Toward COVID-19 Vaccine Inoculations in Mid-March

Preparations Toward COVID-19 Vaccine Inoculations in Mid-March

Fukui Prefecture, Starting With Health Care Providers

Fukui Prefecture has settled on a plan coinciding with Japan’s vaccine plan for health care providers to begin administering inoculations of the COVID-19 vaccine from mid-March. On January 18th, Fukui Prefectural Governor Tatsuji Sugimoto, Prefectural Medical Association Chief Yukihiko Ikebata, and Prefectural Nursing Association Chief Sugumi Emori made an agreement though an informal discussion. Preparations are underway to begin inoculations for those considered high-priority, which includes those 65 years and older, from late-March.

Within the country, the vaccine created by the major pharmaceutical company Pfizer is currently under examination for its safety and effectiveness. If approved, approximately ten thousand health care providers, who have already provided consent, will be the first to get inoculated as soon as late-February, with the aim to provide a projected number of roughly 3 million people in each prefecture by mid-March.

From late-March, municipalities will prioritize inoculating those 65 and older, who are more susceptible to serious illnesses, accounting for roughly 36 million people across Japan. Following the elderly, those with underlying conditions, and then the general public will be able to receive the vaccine.

Regarding the first round of inoculations during late-February, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approached three institutions, the National Hospital Organization, the Japan Healthcare Community Organization (JHCO), and the Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety’s independent administrative agency. Within Fukui Prefecture, four medical institution affiliated with the JHCO, including the Fukui Katsuyama General Hospital (Katsuyama City), are potential vaccination centres.

Fukui Prefecture is currently investigating medical institutions that can cooperate in carrying out priority vaccinations for health care providers during mid-March. Upon confirmation of medical institutions as vaccination centres, freezers to store the vaccines will be installed, and a vaccination system will be arranged. Within the prefecture, there were approximately 232 thousand people who are 65 years or older, as of 2019.


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