Fukui Prefecture, 40 Centimetres of Snowfall by Evening of January 8th

Fukui Prefecture, 40 Centimetres of Snowfall by Evening of January 8th

Fukui Local Meteorological Office Report, Possible Alert Through the 10th

Within Fukui Prefecture, particularly within the mountainous areas, there is a possibility of heavy snowfall during January 7th through the 10th. The Fukui Local Meteorological Office advises caution of snowstorms and heavy seas from the evening of the 7th, and unsafe driving conditions.

According to the Fukui Local Meteorological Office, the rapidly developing low-pressure system will continue towards north Japan from January 7th, predicting the winter pressure pattern to grow stronger through until the 9th. A heavy snowfall alert is possible.

In a 24-hour snowfall forecast, there will be heavy snowfall by 6:00 p.m. on January 7th, with Okuetsu accumulating 30 centimetres, and the level ground areas of Reihoku and eastern Reinan accumulating 10 centimetres, with the mountainous areas accumulating 30 centimetres. The level ground areas of western Reinan is predicted to accumulate 2 centimetres, while the mountainous areas to accumulate 10 centimetres. A 24-hour forecast until 6:00 p.m. of the 8th reported level ground areas to accumulate 20~40 centimetres of snow, and the mountainous areas to accumulate 60~80 centimetres.

On January 7th, Sakai City has all its elementary schools end school earlier, and all its junior high schools to suspend club activities. Within Fukui City, multiple junior high schools have also suspended club activities until the 8th.

JR West Kanazawa Branch has suspended a number of Limited Express trains, as well as some regular trains, along the Hokuriku line throughout January 7th. Furthermore, the Keifuku Bus Company has suspended the Ichijodani Asakura Limited Express Bus service, and all highway buses along the Kyoto-Osaka line until the 8th. Operation has also been suspended for all Keifuku Limousine Bus lines for the 7th.

On January 6th, the Kinki Regional Development Bureau reported that due to snow removal operations, there is a possibility for intermittent road closures within 6 areas along National Route 8, between Awara City-Ushinoya and Sakai City-Maruokacho Hasaki. There will be instances where parts of the Hokuriku Expressway will be enforcing tire chain regulations.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1237499

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