Fukui Prefecture, Four New COVID-19 Infections

Fukui Prefecture, Four New COVID-19 Infections

December 25th, Fukui Prefecture & KEPCO Report

On December 25th, Fukui Prefecture reported four new cases of COVID-19, all of whom are contractors involved in construction work at the Oi Nuclear Power Plant (Oi Town, Fukui Prefecture), managed by the Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO).

The cases are of two men (one in his 30s and one in his 50s) from Takahama Town, one man (50s) from Oi Town, and one man (20s) from Obama City. All four are also close contacts and colleagues of the Tsuruga City man (20s) who was reported with COVID-19 on the 23rd. As close contacts, biological samples were taken on the 24th, which tested positive for the virus. According to KEPCO, in addition to performing regular inspections on Oi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 and Unit 4, the men were working on construction of connected with safety and accident prevention.

The Takahama Town man (30s) has experienced light symptoms from December 18th, but has no history of travel outside the prefecture during the two-week period prior to the onset of symptoms. The other three men are currently asymptomatic, with no history of travel outside the prefecture during the past two weeks.

Fukui Prefecture now has a cumulative total of 343 COVID-19 cases.

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