Hokuriku’s Snowfall Forecast for Upcoming Winter, “Average Levels”

Hokuriku’s Snowfall Forecast for Upcoming Winter, “Average Levels”

2020-2021 Season, Meteorological Office’s Three-Month Forecast

On November 25th, the Niigata Local Meteorological Office released its three-month forecast, for December 2020 to February 2021, for the Hokuriku region, with snowfall and temperatures predicted to be “roughly at the yearly average levels”. A Fukui Local Meteorological Office associate cautioned, “We predict the cold atmosphere to enter the region from the latter half of December. Please carefully check the monthly and weekly weather forecasts.”

This winter, due to the influence of La Nina, the prevailing westerlies meander southbound while approaching the vicinity of Japan. Heavy snowfall will depend of whether or not the JPCZ (Japan sea Polar air mass Convergence Zone) takes form. The cold stream flowing from the Siberian region will split in two as it hits the mountain range within the Korean peninsula. The wind streams will then reconverge over the Japan Sea, into the JPCZ, creating snow-laden clouds in succession, leading to the plains near shorelines getting an increased level of snowfall, as characteristic with this phenomenon.

Within Fukui Prefecture, the average snowfall for each month are as follows:

[Fukui City]
December: 42 centimeters
January: 124 centimeters
February: 91 centimeters

[Tsuruga City]
December: 32 centimeters
January: 95 centimeters
February: 70 centimeters

A meteorological office associate expressed, “With the current forecast, it is difficult to consider that we will experience a winter as warm as last winter. We hope for everyone to take proper measures to prepare for the snowfall.”

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1212811

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