Construction Date of “Nanetsu Station” Along the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line Announced

Construction Date of “Nanetsu Station” Along the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line Announced

Work to Start on November 9th, Spring 2022 Projected Completion Date

On November 5th, the Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency (JRTT) announced that the construction of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Nanetsu Station (provisional name) will begin on November 9th, projecting to be completed by around the spring of 2022. Among the four Shinkansen train stations within Fukui Prefecture, this will be the second to being construction, following Fukui Station.

The full length of Nanetsu Station will be 312 metres, with the main building to have approximately 2,659 square metres, which includes the concourse, waiting rooms, and station staff rooms; the elevated train platforms will measure approximately 9,830 square metres. The design of the station building will have a motif of an Oriental stork flying into Echizen City, to form an image of the beautiful natural environment connecting with the future.

Within Fukui Prefecture, the commencement of construction for the other Shinkansen train stations will be during mid-November for Awara Onsen Station, while adjustments are currently being made for Tsuruga Station. Within Ishikawa Prefecture, construction for Komatsu Station will begin on November 9th.


Tsuruga City Man Infected With COVID-19

Tsuruga City Man Infected With COVID-19

November 8th Report

On November 8th, Fukui Prefecture reported its 259th case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, of a Tsuruga City self-employed businessman in his 50s.

On November 1st, the man experienced fatigue throughout his body. On the 6th, he got a fever of 37.8⁰C, in addition to fatigue and an impaired sense of taste. On the 7th, he visited a medical institution to have a biological sample taken; antigen test results showed positive for COVID-19. He has entered a medical institution designated for infectious diseases for hospitalization.

During October 24th and 25th, the man had spent sometime within Osaka Prefecture. He has four close contacts, one of whom is a family member living within the same residence.