Open Season for “Echizen Gani”, Fukui’s Taste of Winter

Open Season for “Echizen Gani”, Fukui’s Taste of Winter

Echizen Town, Loads of Zuwai Gani One After Another

The midnight going into November 6th marked the beginning of fishing season for “Echizen Gani” (male snow crabs), which are recognized with pride as the “taste of winter” within Fukui Prefecture. At the Echizen Fishing Harbour, in Fukui Prefecture’s Echizen Town, during the early morning of the 6th, without delay, Zuwai Gani (snow crabs) and Seiko Gani (female snow crabs) were being reeled in, one after another.

During the evening of November 5th, 48 bottom trawling fishing boats associated with the Echizen Town Fishing Cooperative set sail from the Echizen Fishing Harbour. The boats waited, and once the clock struck midnight, opening the crab fishing season, nets were casted into the water at once.

On the morning of the 6th, from before it had reached 9:00 a.m., fishing boats had begun returning to port one after the other, each loaded with fresh crabs. The fishing harbour was lively, with many diligently working with their catch of seafood.


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