Blanket of Snow on Mount Haku, Visible From Fukui City

Blanket of Snow on Mount Haku, Visible From Fukui City

Mountain’s First Snowfall, 11 Days Sooner Than Previous Year

On October 17th, Mount Haku (with an elevation of 2702 metres), which spans across Fukui and Ishikawa prefectures, saw its first blanket of snow leading towards the upcoming winter season. The snowy peaks would be seen from within Fukui City. According to the Kanazawa Local Meteorological Office, snow has settled on the mountain 11 days sooner than the previous year, although in line with the average year.

On this day, Fukui Prefecture saw clouds and rain due to the low-pressure system and humid atmosphere. According to the Fukui Local Meteorological Office, with an atmosphere of low resistance towards the incoming cold air, the highest temperatures seen across all 10 observation sites were 3.5⁰C to 7.5⁰C lower than the average year, comparable to November temperatures.

On October 18th, a high-pressure system will cover the areas within Fukui Prefecture. Due to radiative cooling during the early morning, temperatures are predicted to fall below 10⁰C, making for extreme temperature differences throughout the day.


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