AEON MALL Shin-Komatsu Employee Tested Positive for COVID-19

AEON MALL Shin-Komatsu Employee Tested Positive for COVID-19

Ishikawa Prefecture’s Komatsu City, Employee Did Not Enter Specialty Store Areas

On August 18th, AEON MALL Shin-Komatsu (located in Ishikawa Prefecture’s Komatsu City) announced on its website that an employee working at AEON STYLE Shin-Komatsu tested positive for the novel coronvirus (COVID-19) infection. According to the mall, it is verifiable that the employee has not entered through the specialty store areas.

Upon receiving notice of the positive COVID-19 infection, AEON MALL Shin-Komatsu carried out a full cleaning and disinfection operation of the whole mall, including the sale areas and communal spaces, from 10:00 p.m. of August 17th until the early morning of the 18th; on August 18th, the mall operated on regular hours.

The mall stated on its website, “We have caused worry to our clients; however, we will continue to place the safety of our clients and staff at the utmost priority, and to remain diligent in implementing infection countermeasures.”

AEON MALL Shin-Komatsu has a floor space of approximately 128 thousand square metres, with the sale areas measuring at a total of approximately 63 thousand square metres. Located just six kilometres away from the Komatsu Interchange, along the Hokuriku Expressway, the mall is frequented by many Fukui Prefecture residents.


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