Cream-Coloured Baby Lesser Panda

Cream-Coloured Baby Lesser Panda

Sabae’s Nishiyama Zoo, Public Appearance Scheduled for October

At Nishiyama Zoo, located in Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City, a baby male lesser panda (also known as “red pandas”) was born. Other than feeding on his mother’s milk, the baby lesser panda currently spends most of its time sleeping, and is scheduled to make his public appearance around October.

“Kanoko”, the mother lesser panda, is four years old and gave birth on the morning of June 27th; the father “Taiyo” is seven years old. Last March, for the purpose of breeding, the lesser pandas were transported to Nishiyama Zoo from Tokyo’s Tama Zoological Park; it was the first time for Kanoko to give birth.

The baby lesser panda does not yet have a coat patterned with brown, white, and black, characteristic of lesser pandas, but is covered with a cream colour. When measurements were taken on July 29th, the baby lesser panda weighed 930 grams, measured 25 centimetres along the head and torso, and had a tail length of 13 centimetres. At this time, the lesser panda’s sex was identified as male.

According to the city, after giving birth, Kanoko became temperamental; the zookeepers are taking care not to approach the baby lesser panda more than necessary. Last year, Nishiyama Zoo also accommodated the birth of twin lesser pandas. Now, the zoo has a total of 14 lesser pandas.


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