Elementary School Bus Passengers All Tested Negative for COVID-19

Elementary School Bus Passengers All Tested Negative for COVID-19

Duties of Bus Driver Infected with COVID-19

On July 19th, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test results for 44 students from an elementary school within Sakai City (in Fukui Prefecture) showed negative for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection; the students rode a school bus operated by a male Keifuku Bus driver, who had been confirmed with COVID-19. The school has notified the parents and guardians through email. Furthermore, on the same day, Fukui Prefecture reported that after 108 PCR tests, there have been no new cases of COVID-19.

From July 20th, the elementary school will carry out its classes as normal. School bus service will also continue, and will be operated by a driver who has had no interactions with the male bus driver (in his 50s) infected with COVID-19. Families holding apprehensions will each receive transportation service.

From July 9th through 12th, the male bus driver had operated 33 buses along routes within Fukui City, Awara City, and Sakai City. On July 13th and 15th, he had operated a school bus. At most, the bus driver is estimated to have serviced around 450 passengers. There were no close interactions with any of the passengers; however, Fukui Prefecture expressed that any passengers who wish to be tested will be accommodated.

Fukui Prefecture has a total of 126 COVID-19 cases; four people among the cases reported between July 12th and 17th are currently being hospitalized. In addition to 10 close contacts, 9 Keifuku Bus employees, who had some interactions with the male bus driver, are under medical observation. It is the first time since April 28th where there have been more than 100 tests carried out in a single day; a total of over 4,000 tests have been carried out to date.

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