Fukui Prefecture Citizen Accommodation Discount, Application Limit Increased by Ten Thousand

Fukui Prefecture Citizen Accommodation Discount, Application Limit Increased by Ten Thousand

Favourable Response in Reservations, Application for Additional Sports from July 11th

On July 3rd, in response to the favourable reception towards the “Fukui de Otomari Campaign”, where Fukui Prefectural citizens can receive up to a 50% discount towards an accommodation package within the prefecture (valid between July 1st and August 7th), Fukui Prefecture announced that it will be increasing the campaign’s limit of approximately 46,000 recipients by 10,000. Reservations for the additional spots will be accepted from July 11th. The applicable period of up to August 7th will remain unchanged; however, the campaign will no longer apply to the more expensive accommodation packages.

The first round of the campaign (based on preliminary figures) had 63% of the reservations placed in areas more concentrated with lodging facilities, such as Awara Onsen; because of this, the next round of the campaign will apply to 240 to 250 facilities, but exclude approximately 20 facilities that have already received a high number of reservations. In addition, based on the popularity of the more expensive accommodation packages, the discount for packages priced higher than ¥30,000 per person (which would give a discount of ¥15,000) has been discontinued.

Discounts within the other price ranges and the ¥2,000 discount for accommodations across the Reihoku and Reinan regions will continue. The Fukui Prefecture Tourism Department stated, “We wish for the effects of this campaign to reach areas that received fewer reservations during the first round, as well as for the smaller sized lodgings.”

Fukui Prefecture launched the campaign from June 26th, with a projection of accommodating reservations for 20,000 people. Within two days, the projected figure was increased to 40,000, upon exceeding 20,000 applicants; during the five-day period from June 26th to the 30th, reservations had been processed for 46,131 people.

The draft budget for the campaign’s additional spots, announced on July 3rd, will be incorporated into a ¥825 million Tourism Promotion Project expense. The draft budget will be introduced on the last day of prefectural assemblies, on July 10th, and will be implemented after going through a vote.

Inquiries can be made by phone to the executive office within the Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation: 0776 (97) 9527.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1117053