“School Trips to Kyoto”, A Letter to Municipalities Across Japan

“School Trips to Kyoto”, A Letter to Municipalities Across Japan

Kyoto City Experiencing Dramatic Decrease Due to COVID-19

It was disclosed that on June 11, Kyoto Prefecture’s Kyoto City sent a letter of request to the Superintendent of Education and leaders of 186 municipalities across the country, including prefectures and government ordinance cities, regarding the welcoming of school trips within the city from autumn, after the city experienced a dramatic decrease of school excursions due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection; included in the letter was a statement, “Upon implementing thorough infection countermeasures, Kyoto City is earnestly awaiting your consideration.”

Every year, Kyoto City is visited by roughly one million students through school trips; however, due to COVID-19, almost all trips from February of this year have either been postponed or suspended. A Kyoto City associate expressed, “We hope that our notification towards the municipalities, regarding Kyoto City’s thorough infection countermeasures can be used as a factor towards their decision-making process.”

Explained within the letter are provisions in a situation where visiting elementary, junior high, or senior high schools students display symptoms, such as a fever, that may raise suspicions of an infection; this includes the establishment of a 24-hour phone consulting service, and places designated for persons to stand by until infection test results are verified.

“We have made arrangements to protect the health of the students during their school trip, and establish peace of mind, as they learn about the history and culture of Japan,” stated in the letter.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1103683

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