Tsuruga Fireworks 2020, Suspended Due to COVID-19

Tsuruga Fireworks 2020, Suspended Due to COVID-19

Kehi no Matsubara Swimming Area Beach Opening Also Suspended

On June 8th, as a preventative measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, Fukui Prefecture’s Tsuruga Tourism Association and Tsuruga City announced that the fireworks display for the “Toro Nagashi and The Grand Fireworks Display”, as well as the beach opening for the Kehi no Matsubara swimming area, has been suspended.

In a general meeting involving 183 enterprises and organizations within Tsuruga City, connected through the Tsuruga Tourism Association, a document soliciting responses regarding the suspension of the fireworks display and beach opening showed that, as of June 8th, a majority of the enterprises and organizations agree with the suspensions.

The Toro Nagashi, a floating lantern ceremony, and fireworks display began from 1950, to console the spirits of those who had fallen in battle; using approximately 130,000 rounds, the popular event is the largest fireworks display that is held along the Japan Sea, attracting roughly 200,000 people from across and around the prefecture to enjoy the spectacle. Since the Tsuruga Tourism Association took over the organization of the event in 2003, it is the first time the fireworks display is being suspended in advance, excluding the times that had stormy weather.

A proposal to carry out the Toro Nagashi, a religious event, at a smaller scale, as well as the method to execute the event, will be discussed between the Tsuruga Tourism Association and each Buddhist temple at a later time.

Furthermore, at the Kehi no Matsubara swimming area, where just under 100,000 visit in a normal year, the opening of the seashore stalls are also suspended. Since the Tsuruga Tourism Association began overseeing the event over 12 years ago, it is the first time the beach opening has been suspended.

By June 8th, a decision was made to suspend operation of the ferries, within the local Irohama and Urasoko districts, that would travel to Mizu Island, Tsuruga Bay’s uninhabited island. According to Tsuruga City, excluding Kehi no Matsubara and Mizu Island, there are 8 other swimming areas within the city; whether beach openings will occur in each area is currently under investigation.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1101378

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