School Club Activities, External Games May Be Possible from June 27th

School Club Activities, External Games May Be Possible from June 27th

Notification from the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education to Prefectural Schools, A Rough Estimation

Coinciding with the school reopening on June 1st, the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education sent a notification to every prefectural school, regarding sports club activities, and a guideline for practice intensity. Starting with physical training, practice intensity will rise across four stages, with approximately 10 days for each stage. The main concept is to reach a level where external games and tournaments can be held within the prefecture after one month.

From the beginning of club activities until June 10th will be the “adjustment period”, where the reconstruction of the foundations of physical health and conditioning will take place. Following that, until the 19th, will be basic sports training, and team practice. Upon carrying out training at the level of tournament-style practice, external games and tournaments, as well as training camps, within the prefecture can be possible form the 27th. Practice are to be limited within school grounds, and where training regularly takes place.

In order to avoid crowding during club activities, the allotment of days and times of when club activities will be carried out, and making use of the school hallways or stairways, among other ideas, are being considered. Meetings, and the like, are to be executed with proper distancing and avoiding close formations.

For clubs that use equipment, like balls, the equipment is to be carefully and thoroughly wiped down with disinfectant. Training equipment is also to be disinfected each time after a person has finished using it. Before and after practice, everyone is to wash their hands with soap.

It has been requested that practice menus for sports that involve physical contact, such as basketball, judo, and wrestling, are to be devised while referring to the guidelines set by the Central Sports Organization.


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