Request to Refrain from Outings Lifted, First Weekend in the Fukui Station Area

Request to Refrain from Outings Lifted, First Weekend in the Fukui Station Area

Sights of Families Together, Area Gradually Regaining its Energy

On May 23rd, Fukui Prefecture entered its first weekend after the request, made by the prefecture, to refrain from outings during the weekdays evenings and weekends has been lifted. Within the JR Fukui Station area (in Fukui City), while countermeasures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection are being implemented, families can be seen enjoying meals and shopping, gradually bringing life back to the city centre.

At Happi-Terrace, the “Fukui Delivery Marche”, an event which had special products on sale by the restaurants within the complex and was limited to the weekdays, has expanded to include the weekends from the 23rd, forming a daily event.

An Echizen City man (aged 44), with his family of four, expressed with a smile, “While avoiding crowds, for the first time after about a month, we hope to fully enjoy our day out.”

However, when compared to a regular year of the same period, there is still less pedestrian traffic. Shops with posters reading “Temporarily Closed” are still clearly visible.

Keiko Aoki (aged 77), the second generation owner of “Imagawayaki”, which is in its 71st year in business, expressed with hope, “It’ll be nice if the liveliness can return again, little by little,” as she sold freshly baked goods.

As for tourist attractions within the prefecture, on the same day, Sakai City’s Shibamasa World had fully reopened its facilities for business. The Tojinbo Sightseeing Boats also had its boats set sail, after roughly a month and a half.

In regards to COVID-19, on May 18th, Fukui Prefecture had lifted its business suspension request for all industries, as well as the request for its citizens to refrain from outings during weekdays evenings and weekends. At the same time, the prefecture wishes for everyone to refrain from going to establishments that directly serve customers, such as restaurants and sports gyms, and karaoke boxes, as well as from travelling across prefectural borders as much as possible, during the month.

As of May 23rd, there had been no new COVID-19 infections within the prefecture for 25 consecutive days.


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