Nishiyama Park, Some Restrictions Lifted

Nishiyama Park, Some Restrictions Lifted

Walks Within Park Allowed

Sabae City’s Nishiyama Park, which has been prohibiting entry as a preventative measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), has lifted some restrictions, allowing for walks within the park.

As a response against the spread of COVID-19, Nishiyama Park has prohibited entry since April 21st; however, from May 21st, it has become possible to take walks within the park. Despite the chilly climate, people could be seen taking their strolls, immediately from the morning.

Furthermore, visiting the park for long periods of time or for sightseeing are still prohibited; Nishiyama Zoo, within the park, and Michi-no-Eki “Nishiyama Park”, adjacent to the park, will remain closed for the time being.


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