Lifting of Fukui Prefecture’s Business Suspension Request for Some Establishments, Joy and Anxiety

Lifting of Fukui Prefecture’s Business Suspension Request for Some Establishments, Joy and Anxiety

Libraries and Some Business Establishments, Thorough Coronavirus Countermeasures

On May 11th, Fukui Prefecture’s business suspension request for roughly 100 industries, as a preventative measure against the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), will be lifted for some establishments. With the request to refrain from nonessential outings during the daytime on weekdays also lifted, shops and other establishments welcome customers and visitors, upon taking thorough infection prevention measures.

The suspension request will be lifted for libraries, art museums, and businesses establishments with less than a total of one thousand square metres of floor space, including cram schools. Food establishments that were once requested to reduce or change its hours will be able to operate with its regular hours.

Ozaki Sports (headquartered in Fukui City), which has four locations within Fukui Prefecture, has reopened all of its shops, after being closed from April 25th, following the business suspension request.

“We are finally able to provide customers with sports supplies; the staff, all of us, are very happy,” said the store manager of the Aback Stadium location, who had grown tired of waiting to reopen.

However, with “the biggest concern being the spread of infection,” numerous measures are being implemented, such as plastic sheets set up at cash registers to block the spray of respiratory droplets, and hand sanitizers places at multiple points within the shop.

On this day, junior and senior high schools students visit the shop, in the midst of their school’s closure, evaluating products in anticipation of the resumption of the school club activities.

“I was thinking about joining the baseball club, so I came here to buy clothes and equipment for when club activities begin. I’d also want some equipment i can use to train while at home,” said a first-year Koshi Senior High School male student, looking around the store.

Fukui Prefecture’ business suspension request is until May 20th for leisure establishments, theaters, sports facilities, and large-scale companies. A request to refrain from nonessential outings during weekday evenings and weekends is also in place until the 20th.


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