Schedule for the ¥100,000 Allowance, Within Fukui Prefecture

Schedule for the ¥100,000 Allowance, Within Fukui Prefecture

Novel Coronavirus, List of Application and Payment Schedule for Municipalities

On May 11th, bank transfers for the Special Economic Stimulus Fund, which is a national emergency economic measure against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, that grants ¥100,000 to each resident within the country, had begun in 3 cities within Fukui Prefecture: Ono City, Katsuyama City, and Tsuruga City. In addition to Obama City, which began distribution from May 8th, residents within 4 cities of the prefecture have been receiving the funds. In Fukui City, where over 260,000 residents are applicable for the fund, online applications using the Individual Number Card has also begun.

In Ono City, up until the morning of May 7th, online and mail-in applications were processed and paid out through bank transfers to 7,280 individuals across 2,380 households. The second round of payment will take place on the 15th. In Katsuyama City, applications received up to May 6th from 140 households (for 491 individuals) have distributed the funds through bank transfers, with the second round of payments taking place on the 14th for applications received on the 7th and 8th, from 4,048 households (for 12,503 individuals). Tsuruga City has processed and paid out applications for 209 households (for 508 individuals), which were received until the morning of May 7th. The second round of payments are to take place on the 15th.

On May 8th, Obama City distributed the funds to 206 individuals, across 77 households; on the 11th, the city processed bank transfers to 58 individuals across 24 households. On the 12th, bank transfers for 35 individuals across 12 households were processed.

Sabae City will carry out the first round of bank transfers on May 14th, while Echizen City will do so on the 15th.

On May 11th, online applications were accepted across 13 municipalities, including Fukui City, Echizen City, Eiheiji Town, and Takahama Town. 6 municipalities, including Awara City, have been accepting mail-in applications.


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