Business Suspension Request Compliance Grant, Payment From May 13th

Business Suspension Request Compliance Grant, Payment From May 13th

Acceleration of Payment Schedule by Fukui Prefecture, 2800 Applications

On May 11th, regarding the grant to be received by business owners complying with Fukui Prefecture’s request to suspend business operations, it was disclosed that the schedule has been accelerated by the prefecture for payment to begin taking place from May 13th. The policy laid out for payment was to begin from May 15th; however, the number of applications has already risen to approximately 2,800, and the prefecture has proceeded to make adjustments in order for business owners to receive the grant as soon as possible.

The application period began from April 30th. By May 5th, there had been approximately 1,000 applications, but the number surged following the end of the long holiday (Golden Week).

The deadline for applications is May 27th; the prefecture anticipates a total of up to 6,700 applications.

The grant will pay out ¥500,000 to small and medium-sized enterprises, while ¥200,000 will be paid out to individual owner-managers (establishments, such as restaurants, requested to reduce or change business hours will receive half of the grant amount). Fukui Prefecture is currently in the midst of the business suspension request period, which will continue until May 20th, at the latest; businesses that fully cooperate with the request will be paid the grant. Appropriate action will be taken for establishments that decide to reopen during the suspension request period, such as paying back the grant.


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