Fukui Prefecture, Request to Suspend Business for Hotels and Ryokans

Fukui Prefecture, Request to Suspend Business for Hotels and Ryokans

Novel Coronavirus Countermeasure, Until May 6th

On April 27th, Fukui Prefecture announced a new request for hotels, ryokans, guesthouses, and other such facilities that provide lodging, to suspend business, as a measure to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through travel and tourism during Golden Week. The request is to have establishments closed during April 29th to May 6th. Small to medium-sized establishments can receive a grant of ¥500,000, while individual owner-managers can receive ¥200,000 if they comply with the request.

Up to this point, regarding accommodation facilities, the request to suspend operations from April 25th to May 6th were specifically for areas that hosts gatherings, such as banquet halls, and not the areas that provide accommodation. Restaurants within the facilities were also requested to limit its hours.

According to Fukui Prefecture, there are approximately 600 accommodation establishments within the prefecture. If the whole establishment suspends operations during the designated time period, they will be able to apply for the grant. For establishments with banquet halls or restaurants, those areas must also be closed or have their hours reduced from April 25th in order to qualify. Regardless of how the establishment is classified, such as a “business hotel” or a “fishing lodge”, the prefecture will respect the business operator’s own judgement on whether the main purpose of their facility is to lodge guests.

Fukui Prefecture considered addressing a request to suspend business upon receiving a notice from the Japanese government stating, “Accommodation facilities that serve travellers and looking to continue operations during the long holiday will not be supported.” Because of the need to notify and make adjustments for customers who had already made reservations during Golden Week, the closure is to take place from April 29th. Ryokans and hotels part of an association have already received the request for business suspension.

Inquiries can be made to the Fukui Prefecture Emergency Measures Call Center at 0776 (20) 0766.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1077024

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