Sabae City to Provide Grant Across 4,500 Enterprises

Sabae City to Provide Grant Across 4,500 Enterprises

¥100,000 for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises, ¥50,000 for Individual Owner-Managers, Financial Support During COVID-19

On April 27th, Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City announced that it will provide a grant across all small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and small-scale businesses and individual owner-managers, as a means of financial support in the midst of the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Providing for 4,450 enterprises, SMEs can receive ¥100,000, while small-scale businesses and individual owner-managers can receive ¥50,000.

The financial support project will cost ¥312.5 million. The funds were processed on April 27th by Sabae City’s government body, into the current fiscal year’s general accounting and finance supplementary budget.

With the COVID-19 situation dealing a serious blow on the economy, the purpose of the project is to extend support across businesses. Unattached with conditions, such as having to show a level of reduction in sales, it is a first within the prefecture for a municipality to provide a uniform grant across all businesses. Large-scale enterprises are excluded form the project.

Applications via the internet or mail is requires, and will start taking place form May. In roughly two weeks, the funds will be deposited into the designated bank account. Consultations can be made to the counter within the Sabae City Commerce & Industry Policy Department. The phone line is 0778 (53) 2231.


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