Fukui Prefecture Mask Purchase Tickets, 36 Stores Sold Out

Fukui Prefecture Mask Purchase Tickets, 36 Stores Sold Out

Information Released on Fukui Prefecture’s Website

On April 26th, Fukui Prefecture began posting information on its website regarding the mask purchase project, and where the masks have sold out. On the same day at 6:00 p.m., of the 64 Genky store locations, 36 locations have sold out of masks. Without a delivery of stock on April 27th, the 36 stores will not be selling masks from its opening hours.

Each store location’s status, on whether it has sold out of masks, is posted on the the Fukui Prefecture Business Establishment & Management Department (福井県創業・経営課) web page. The information is updated twice a day, at noon and 7:00 p.m.

On April 28th, every store will receive a restock of the masks; from May 1st, there is expected to be an abundance of masks. Fukui Prefecture expressed, “As we have secured enough for each household to be able to purchase 2 boxes of masks, there will be no need to panic.”

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1075845

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