Awara Onsen’s Ryokans and Hotels All Suspend Operations

Awara Onsen’s Ryokans and Hotels All Suspend Operations

Fukui Prefecture’s Hot Spring Resorts, Until May 6th

In response to the Japanese government’s urgent request for tourist hotels to restrict business operations, fifteen ryokans and hotels within Fukui Prefecture’s Awara City, all of which are part of the Awara Onsen Association, have decided to close down from April 26th to May 6th.

Upon receiving the request from the government, Awara Onsen Association executives held a conference, and arrived at a consensus to suspend business for all facilities until the end of Golden Week. Customers who made reservations were contacted and notified. According to the association, a majority of the facilities will continue to be closed until around May 20th.

“We absolutely do not want any more infections to come out of Awara Onsen, and thus we cannot operate during these uncertain times. Every hotel and ryokan has come together to put the lives and safety of our customers and staff at the highest priority,” said Awara Onsen Association Board Chairman Kazuyuki Ito, on the official notice of closing down lodging facilities, and the objective to curb the travel of people during the holidays.


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