Fifty-Thousand Azaleas Pruned Before Its Bloom

Fifty-Thousand Azaleas Pruned Before Its Bloom

A Painful Decision to Avoid Crowding

In order to prevent the yearly crowds of people eager to see Nishiyama Park’s 50,000 azaleas in full bloom, Sabae City has taken an exceptional measure to prune the flowers before it blooms.

Nishiyama Park is famous for its approximately 50,000 azaleas. During the Golden Week period, roughly two-hundred-thousand people from within and around Fukui Prefecture would visit for the annual “Sabae Azalea Festival” (さばえつつじまつり). However, with the beautiful flowers in bloom, there is a danger of visitors crowding together, wanting to see the azaleas; with this in mind, Sabae City made the painful decision to prune the azaleas before it begins blooming, an operation that usually occurs well after the flowers have fully blossomed. Pruning will be carried out from April 22nd to the 28th.

Furthermore, as a measure to prevent the further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Nishiyama Park will be closed form April 21st to May 10th.


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