Mask Purchase Ticket, Only One Box Until May 4th

Mask Purchase Ticket, Only One Box Until May 4th

Fukui Prefecture, Consideration in Order to Distribute to As Many People As Possible

On April 23rd, regarding the mask purchase project overseen by Fukui Prefecture for its citizens, the prefecture resolved to only sell one box per ticket until May 4th. The volume of masks from the outset of the project is low, and consideration was given for the masks to be distributed to as many citizens as possible.

From April 24th, the masks will be sold at every Genky Drugstore. Fukui Prefecture has secured 420,000 boxes of masks (with 50 masks in each box); however, the majority of the shipment will be made after April 30th. The Fukui Prefectural Business Establishment & Operations Department addressed in a statement, “For those looking to purchase two boxes at once, please come to make a purchase from May 5 and onward.”

Furthermore, the Fukui Prefectural Police asks everyone to exercise caution to prevent traffic accidents resulting from congestion in the store parking lot and surrounding areas, as well as vehicle burglary of the masks. There will be an increase of police patrols.


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