Obama City to Provide Bento Vouchers for Children, Senior High School Age and Lower

Obama City to Provide Bento Vouchers for Children, Senior High School Age and Lower

Worth ¥5,00, Supporting Families Raising Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

On April 21st, Fukui Prefecture’s Obama City announced that it will distribute food tickets to every child within the city, at a senior high school age and lower; each will receive 10 tickets (valued at a total of ¥5,000) and can be used to obtain bento meals for takeout at various restaurants within Obama City. The aim of the project is to decrease the burden, as an effect from the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), on families raising children, and to support restaurants in the city.

Furthermore, Obama City natives (aged 18 to 25) residing outside Obama City, but have been unable to return to the city, due to the travel restrictions as an effect of the declaration of a state of emergency, will be sent a package of ¥5,000 worth of local specialty products. In the same day, on April 21st, Obama City’s municipal government body processed the funds needed (¥33.93 million) in the 2020 general accounting and finance supplementary budget.

The distribution of the “O-Uchi de Gohan Ticket” (おうちでごはんチケット) will include children born up to the end of June, reaching an estimated total of 4,700 children who will receive the tickets. The city will be mailing out the tickets during April, and can be used during May and June. The cost for the project will be ¥26.02 million. The Obama Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been put in charge of the project, and are taking applications from restaurants looking to participate from April 22nd.

People who can receive the package of local specialty products are those who were born in Obama City, or those who have graduated from an elementary, junior high, or senior high school within the city. From April 24th to May 6th, families can send an application through email or phone, with the name and address of the youth living outside the city. The application process is presented on the Obama City website. The local specialty products will include rice, canned mackerel, and shoyu-dried fish, and will begin shipment from April 29th. With a projected 750 youths to apply, the project will cost ¥4.619 million.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1072691

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