Hotel Secured for COVID-19 Patients with Mild Symptoms

Hotel Secured for COVID-19 Patients with Mild Symptoms

Novel Coronavirus Countermeasure

On April 20th, Fukui Prefecture reported one new case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the prefecture a total of 113 confirmed cases. At the same time, in a response to the strain being experienced by medical care facilities, a hotel has been requisitioned for COVID-19 patients currently under treatment, who are only experiencing mild symptoms.

According to Fukui Prefecture, the newly confirmed COVID-19 case is of a Fukui City female company employee in her 40s. The infection route is currently unknown and undergoing investigation. This bring the total number of confirmed cases within the prefecture to 113, with 5 COVID-19 related deaths up to this point. 27 patients have been discharged from the hospital; however, 4 patients are in serious condition, and are continuing to receive treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU).

It has been disclosed that for the COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic or are only experiencing mild symptoms, the Fukui Phoenix Hotel (located in central Fukui City) has agreed to offer itself as a temporary medical treatment facility; securing 80 hospital beds within the hotel, it will be established as a medical facility from April 24th. Combined with the public facilities already operating for COVID-19 treatment, a total of 115 hospital beds is now secured for patients with mild symptoms.

In a hypothetical situation where the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare does not execute any COVID-19 countermeasures, the number of infections within Fukui Prefecture was calculated to peak at 1,450. With this in min, the prefecture is aiming to secure a total of 500 hospital beds, one-third of the hypothetical peak, by setting up beds designated for COVID-19 patients, and temporary residence facilities.


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