Medical Protective Equipment, Using Stationery and 3D Printers

Medical Protective Equipment, Using Stationery and 3D Printers

Printing Data Released for Public Use, in Response to Novel Coronavirus

On April 3rd, an Osaka University Specially Appointed Professor, Kiyokazu Nakajima (in the field of Gastroenterological Surgery) and his team unveiled the created of protective equipment for medical professionals, that protects the face from repiratory droplets, using a clear file folder and a 3D printer. Referred to as a “face shield”, the printing data for the face shield was published for anyone to use on the professor’s website, in response to concerns of shortages, in light of the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“In Western countries, protective equipment has begun to run short, and the potential of how much the virus will spread in developing countries is apparent. We considered the need to create equipment in a cheap and simple method,” said Professor Nakajima.

Using a 3D printer, a frame made of resin is produced. A clear file folder is then attached between both ends of the frame, and worn over the face like a pair of glasses, protecting the face from respiratory droplets that may carry the virus. “CHARMANT”, a glasses manufacturing company in Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City, is offering its services to produce frames that will fit over the face. The cost of one frame will be between ¥100 and ¥300.

The printing data can be accessed here:


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