Soothing the Heart of Cherry Blossom Viewers with Lanterns’ Glow

Soothing the Heart of Cherry Blossom Viewers with Lanterns’ Glow

Fukui’s Atagozaka and Yokozaka, with 140 Lanterns

From March 23rd, located on the north side of Mount Asuwa, within Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City, the steps of Atagozaka and Yokozaka will be lit up with 140 lanterns. With the soft light of Japanese candles as far as the eye can see, the paths are filled with a magical atmosphere. The lanterns will remain until April 7th.

Known as the “Corridor of Lights’ (灯の回廊), the lanterns are set up every year to coincide with the Fukui Sakura Festival. This time, however, the festival has been suspended due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as a measure to ensure the safety of those visiting the are to view the cherry blossoms.

Just after six in the evening, the iron lanterns placed along the stone steps are lit up, illuminating the steps and buildings with a faint orange glow.

A third-year elementary school girl, visiting from within the city alongside two family members, said with a smile, “I want to come back again, once the cherry blossoms are fully bloomed.”

Paper lanterns have been set up around Mount Asuwa by the “Sakura Lights Association”, a group created by local residents within the Asuwa district, and will also be lit up from the 23rd.


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