Free Lunch for Elementary School Students During School Closures

Free Lunch for Elementary School Students During School Closures

A Restaurant in Takahama, Support in Response to the Novel Coronavirus

In a response to the simultaneous elementary and junior high school closures, resulting from the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, a restaurant in the Wada district of Fukui Prefecture’s Takahama Town called “FAMILIAR” is offering free lunch for elementary school students on weekdays.

The restaurant’s menu is varied, changing daily, including children’s favourites such as hamburgers, katsudon, karaage, and curry. Coming with a salad, attention is being paid to nutrition.

The service began from March 2nd, with the motivation to support parents and guardians. A local woman in her thirties, visiting the restaurant with three elementary school children, expressed her gratitude, “Having to make bentos for three children every day can be difficult. This really helps!” A first-year elementary school boy stated, “It’s delicious!”, satisfied with enjoying a different “school lunch” every time.

“Within the continuous feed of depressing news, the other staff and I wanted to do something to help others, and so we collectively decided to start this service,” said restaurant owner Shungo Imai (aged 35). As the circle of support expanded, contributions from local residents came in the forms of rice, vegetables, or sweets, with Shungo commenting, “We are happy to see the children enjoying themselves. There’s no need to hesitate; we’ll be glad for more visitors.”

The service will continue until the end of March. It will be available between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The restaurant is closed every Wednesday.


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