Honest Opinion from Committee Member, "I Don't Understand Katakana Words"

Honest Opinion from Committee Member, "I Don't Understand Katakana Words"

Fukui City’s Hokuriku Shinkansen Tourism Promotion

In a Fukui City special parliamentary budget committee meeting on March 17th, committee member Hiromi Horie (aged 77) presented his honest opinion on the frequent use of “katakana words”, such as “photogenic” (フォトジェニック) and “influencer” (インフルエンサー), as used in the tourism promotion project for the Hokuriku Shinkansen Fukui expansion, requesting the director to have such terms explained in “Japanese”.

After asking about the meaning of “promotion” (プロモーション), committee member Hiroe expressed, in regards to business, “There are many Western words and katakana lined up one after another, such as ‘catch phrase’ (キャッチフレーズ), ‘logo’ (ロゴ), ‘area branding’ (エリアブランディング), ‘portal site’ (ポータルサイト), and ‘Instagrammer’ (インスタグラマー). The elderly don’t understand such terms.” He continued, requesting, “Please use Japanese.”

The director explained, “When such words are included in the Japan Tourism Agency homepage, the Japanese term is attached to it; in addition to using this method from hereon, notes will be attached to the terms.”

However, committee member Horie responded, “People of our age did not learn about katakana at school, and in the same regards as English, I cannot read such words.” He repeated, “Stop using katakana, and use Japanese.”

Committee member Horie is the eldest of the 32 city councillors, and a member of the Isshin faction, the largest faction in the council. Addressing the media, he stated, “I understand it is difficult to replace the katakana words, but I don’t like it.”

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Cheap ¥200 Bentos for Children During School Closures

Cheap ¥200 Bentos for Children During School Closures

Four Restaurants in Tsuruga, “Eat Well!”

From March 17th, in efforts to help children sustain healthy eating habits during the school closures, four restaurants within Fukui Prefecture’s Tsuruga City have begun offering a ¥200 “Children’s Lunch Box”. Shouji Oshima (aged 44), a representative of the bento manufacturer that initiated the project “Kehi no Sato” (in Tsuruga City, Imojo-cho), expressed in a statement, “Even with no more school lunches, we want the children to eat well and stay healthy.” The service will continue until April 2nd, every Tuesday and Thursday.

Twelve restaurant associates within the city worked together to gather contributions from businesses, groups, and individuals, offering meals equivalent to ¥500. In addition to Kehi no Sato, the other three restaurants offering the children’s meals are Omusubiya Honnori (in Shinmatsushima-cho), SHIROYAGI-san Chi no Obento (in Sawa), and CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA Tsuruga-Honmachi shop (in Honmachi, 2-Chome). The menu will vary between each restaurant. Each restaurant will have about 40 servings prepared.

At Kehi no Sato, there are 12 varieties of bentos available, which includes hamburger steak, fried shrimp, or katsudon. More children had visited the shop than initially expected, selling approximately 60 servings.

The meals will be available from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Inquiries can be made through Kehi no Sato’s phone line 0770 (25) 6965.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1049648

Elementary and Junior High Schools in Fukui City, School Attendance and Club Activities Postponed Further

Elementary and Junior High Schools in Fukui City, School Attendance and Club Activities Postponed Further

Upon Confirmation of Infection Case, Postponed Until At Least April 2nd

On March 19th, upon the confirmation of a person infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) within Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City, the Fukui City Board of Education sent a notice to all elementary and junior high schools in the city, in which the resumption of school attendance and club activities is to be further postponed until at least April 2nd.

On March 11th, the municipal board of education had sent out a notice stating, from March 25th, when the school closures were to end upon entering the spring break, principals were given the freedom to resume attendance and club activities at their discretion, for their respective schools. Up until the 18th, nineteen elementary schools and twenty-four junior high schools had planned to resume attendance. As for April 2nd and onward, decisions will be based on the situation during that time.

During the early morning of March 19th, at the Fukui City Hall, Fukui City Mayor Shin’ichi Higashimura addressed the press corp, emphasizing that everything will be done to prevent the spread of the virus, and requesting the public to “remain composed, just as we have been doing so up to now.”

In April 2019, Fukui City transitioned into a core city, and transferred the management of its health care centre from prefectural to municipal, thus bearing the responsibility of infection control measures within the city. City Mayor Higashiyama expressed that “identifying the infection route is a major task” and will proceed in cooperation with the prefecture.

According to Kenji Goto, chief of the Fukui City Health Care Centre, the infected male company official did not have interactions with a large number of people, and had wore a mask while commuting and during his visit at a medical institution stating, “At present, the possibility of further infection is low.”

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