“It’s Hay Fever” Tags on Face Masks

“It’s Hay Fever” Tags on Face Masks

A Unique Tag in Response to Novel Coronavirus Infection

“My coughing was met with cold eyes; but it’s hay fever…”

To help those avoid experiencing such uncomfortable situations, during the continuous spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), “Yanagisawa Ori Name” (located in Fukui Prefecture, Sakai City, Maruoka-Cho, Inotsume) has created a unique tag which reads, “It’s Hay Fever”. The tags were produced and distributed, free of charge, to craftspeople producing cloth face masks, for them to sew it onto their products.

The company produces tags for brand name products, and woven badges for such craftspeople.

The “It’s Hay Fever” tag was created through a request by a craftsperson outside the prefecture to company president Haruhisa Yanagisawa (aged 67) through Facebook. The request stated, ” When I’m on the train in the city, I get unpleasant looks just because I coughed. I want you to make a tag that would let people know that it’s just hay fever.”

Work on the request started immediately, and an image of the finished product was posted on Facebook; there were then over 200 comments on the post with statements like “I want it” and “Interesting”. The tag is 1.8 centimetres in length, and 5 centimetres in width. The white tag was initially printed in black, and was soon produced in a total of four font colours, adding pink, blue, and cream. A total of approximately 3,000 tags are planned to be distributed among the craftspeople who made requests.

There were additional requests such as, “I want one made for children with asthma” and “There should be a tag with a message saying ‘Don’t lose to COVID!'”; seeing the responses to the hay fever tag, the next steps to take from here on are still under consideration.

“This virus spread has been creating tense conditions; these tags could give some people a chuckle, and help lighten the atmosphere. I wish for people to spread more cheer within our society,” expressed company president Yanagisawa.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1045923

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