Chilled Flowers, Blooming Cherry Blossoms Shining with White Snow

Chilled Flowers, Blooming Cherry Blossoms Shining with White Snow

Snowfall in Fukui Prefecture, 11 Centimetres in Ono City

Within Fukui Prefecture on March 16th, the Reihoku region saw a mix of snow and sleet resulting from a winter pressure pattern, after having had clear weather until the late morning; in the Kuzuryu area of Ono City, 11 centimetres of snowfall was measured by 10:00 a.m. With strong winds, there was a complete reversal from the recent warm temperatures; it became a day were the flowers had frozen over.

At the Fukui Prefectural Green Center in Sakai City, the fully bloomed Oh-Kanzakura (an early-blooming species of cherry trees) had gathered a layer of snow, boldly standing out with its contrasting pink and white colours.

According to the Fukui Local Meteorological Office, the temperature lows for the morning of the 16th had dropped to a cold 1.4⁰C in Fukui City, and 0.0⁰C in Ono City. As for temperature highs throughout the days, becoming like Ono City’s early February average of 4.8⁰C, all ten observations sites had recorded single digit temperatures.

Until 7:00 p.m. of the same day, with the strong winds, the fastest instantaneous wind speed was recorded at 20.0 metres per second in Obama, and 19.7 metres per second in Tsuruga.

For the 17th, under a high-pressure system, it is expected to be sunny throughout the day.


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