Twenty-Five Thousand Milk Cartons for School Lunches to be Disposed, due to School Closures

Twenty-Five Thousand Milk Cartons for School Lunches to be Disposed, due to School Closures

Fukui Prefecture, Natto and Other Food Supplies Purchased by Staff

On March 11th, in a prefectural special committee budget hearing, Superintendent of Education Kinichi Toyokita explained that in connection with the temporary school closures as a response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), among the stock of food supply for school lunches in the prefecture that could not be cancelled, approximately twenty-five thousand milk cartons (200 millilitre packs) had to be disposed. The statement was made towards Keiichi Nishimoto, a committee member of the Komeito party.

For the majority of public elementary, junior, and special needs schools, the stock of ingredients, which includes milk, rice, bread, and other local products, are secured by the Prefectural School Lunch Association, which operates as part of the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education. According to the Prefectural Board of Education, in one day, approximately seventy-one thousand milk cartons are normally shipped in from two companies outside the prefecture. As for the orders that could not be cancelled for March 2nd, when the nationwide school closures began, the approximately forty-six thousand units of food that were not disposed of were distributed across schools within Ishikawa Prefecture’s Kanazawa City.

Approximately 34 kilograms of Maitake mushrooms, a special product form the Kuzuryu area of Fukui Prefecture’s Ono City, and approximately 1,100 packs of natto which were intended to be used form March 2nd were purchased by school staff, school lunch centre employees, and municipal associates. Rice that could be effectively stored, frozen foods, and dried goods will be used for when school lunches resume in April.

“There are concerns regarding the after-effects of the prolonged suspension of school lunches. We hope to respond to the situation accordingly while continuously communicating with the different municipalities,” expressed Superintendent Toyokita.

In addition, the director reported that in order to strengthen the phone consulting system currently operated by the Prefectural Health and Welfare centres, for situations where a medical case would arise within the prefecture, preparations are underway for a dedicated phone service. The statement was made towards Toshiyuki Tanaka, a committee member of the Prefectural Liberal Democratic Party.


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