Fukui’s Prefectural Facilities, Open Facilities Listed Here

Fukui’s Prefectural Facilities, Open Facilities Listed Here

Novel Coronavirus, March 15th to 24th, Some Outdoor Facilities Reopening

On March 13th, concerning the preventative measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Fukui Prefecture has listed the facilities which will be closed during March 15th to 24th. Seven facilities, including the Fukui Children’s Museum (in Fukui City), have extended its closures. Meanwhile, nine outdoor facilities, including the Prefectural Children’s Science Museum (in Sakai City), and seven other facilities, including the Fukui Undo Park (in Fukui Park), will reopen.

Indoor children’s facilities will generally remain closed, but the outdoor facilities will open, while drawing attention to the potential danger of infection through use of the playground equipment.

The status of prefectural facilities for March 15th to 24th are as follows:

  • [Open Outdoor Facilities (Closed Indoor Facilities)]
    • Children’s Science Museum (Sakai City)
    • Fukui Children’s Hall (Oi Town)
    • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (Katsuyama City)
    • Fukui Kenko no Mori-Kenko Sports Center (Fukui City)
    • Fukui Prefectural Green Center (Sakai City)
    • Fukui Shonen Sports Park (Fukui City)
    • Engei LABO no Oka (Mihama Town)
    • Naisuimen Sogo Center (Fukui City)
    • Kanegasaki Green Field (Tsuruga City)
  • [Open Facilities (Possibly with Some Closed Areas)]
    • Fukui Prefecture Livestock Examination Ground-Nakayoshi Tongari Farm (Sakai City)
    • SME Educational Facility (Fukui City)
    • YOU-I-Fukui (Fukui City)
    • Fukui Agricultural Business Center (Echizen City)
    • Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center (Tsuruga City)
    • Technoport Fukui Sogo Park (Sakai City)
    • Fukui Undo Park (Fukui City)
  • [Closed Facilities]
    • Okuetsu Takahara Seishonen Shizen no Ie (Ono City)
    • Awara Seinen no Ie (Awara City)
    • Sabae Seinen no Ie (Sabae City)
    • Mikata Seinen no Ie (Wakasa Town)
    • Fukui Children’s Museum (Fukui City)
    • Fukui Kenko no Mori-Ikigai Cultural Exchange Center (Fukui City)
    • Climbing Center (Fukui City)

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1047807

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