Responding to the Novel Coronavirus, “Suspend Businesses Before Schools”

Responding to the Novel Coronavirus, “Suspend Businesses Before Schools”

Fukui City Superintendent Criticizes Government

On March 4th, in a city council general interpellation in Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City, Yuuji Yoshikawa, the superintendent of schools, criticized the government’s response in requesting a simultaneous temporary school closure as a way to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), “There should have been a call to suspend businesses, positioning guardians into a system where they can take a break, and then move to suspend schools. The sequencing was wrong.”

The statement was made towards Fumiha Yamada, a member of the Japanese Communist Party.

“The request for school closures was sudden. There should have been a fixed preparatory phase for institutions such as after-school children clubs, and for the guardians,” said superintendent Yoshikawa in a statement to Fukui Shimbun.

Within the prefecture, the Board of Education in 12 towns and cities implemented the school closures from March 2nd, in line with the government request. The Board of Education in 3 other towns and cities, including Fukui City, implemented the closures from the afternoon of March 2nd, while Mihama Town and Wakasa Town’s school closures began from March 3rd.


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